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I am a licensed, experienced English teacher originally from San Francisco. I have over 25 years of English teaching experience and first taught overseas as a Fulbright teacher with the United States Information Agency in Europe for the 1993-1994 academic year. I am also a professional editor, writer, and journalist.

I have been teaching English online to business professionals in Europe, the Middle East, and Asia for the last several years and see the need is great. I’ve taught doctors, lawyers, bankers, and government officials to name just a few. I look forward to being of service. My LinkedIn page has more details.

Pricing is individualized as are the services. Contact me for a free consultation and estimate.

Joseph Enge

Owner of E-English

Speaking at the University of Tartu, Estonia                   Academic lecturer Shanghai, China


Overview of English Services & Solutions

Get the competitive advantage for individuals and companies

Professional English

One on one online English courses by a professional for professionals completely individualized for you and your communications needs to fit your busy schedule from the comfort of your home or office. You can view my introduction video here. The platform of choice is Cisco Webex.

Public Speaking & Presentations

Whether you are in business, academics, or government, giving public presentations in English can be a challenge if English is not your native language. I apply my experience as a TV journalist and public speaker to help non-native English speakers to communicate with clarity and confidence for any situation.

Professional Editing

With extensive experience editing documents, movies scripts, commercials, websites, academic journals, and books into English, you can be assured that your final product meets the highest level of English publication standards. My most recent projects include English editing a new IT app commercial in Europe and doing the voiceover, editing a book by a famous Estonian writer, and editing the English subtitles for his recently released movie.

Corporate In-Services

English miscommunications are costly for international businesses leading to lost potential clients, project delays, and cancellations. One size does not fit all and no two solutions for English communications for employee in-services are alike. Recognizing these salient points and reality, E-English can empower your staff to greater success. Employees also react positively seeing their company is willing to invest in them, which increases morale, retention, and productivity. A free professional needs assessment is available with a simple click.

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